Monday, 7 December 2009

Coleco December 2009 Mix

New December 2009 Mix from Coleco is now up online and available for listening and download.

Apathesis - Hindsight
Submerse - One More Day
Groove Chronicals - 1999
Myrkur - Outer Space
Submerse - Everything Around Us
Reso - Hemisphere
Brackles - LHC
Krytpic Minds and Leon Switch - Minor Nine
Darqwan - Last Of Nine
Phaeleh - Tachi (feat. Alex Taylor - Violin)
Aaron Spectre - Say More Fire
Marlow - Machine
L-Wiz - Egyptic
Elemental - Magic Harp
Macabre Unit - Bacteria (Wascal Mix)
Phaeleh - Broken
Martyn - Yet
Sharmaji - Break Your Heart
Bassbin Twins - Pigpen
SnD - Blue Mantra
L-Wiz - Must

Running Time: 1h 10mins

Stream / Download: DivShare
Download: SendSpace


New Urban Scrumping Release!

Well, the boys from the Urban Scrumping camp have done it again.

Another huge release (as to be expected), this time from Full Spektrum. You can listen to the tracks on the player below...

And you can buy the tracks from either:
Digital Tunes

Or from the Urban Scrumping website @

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

He's Got Talent: Sketch

Decided I'm going to start a new feature on this here blog. I'll be posting up tunes and ting from people i think have a bit of t-a-l-e-n-t.

First up is a guy called Sketch, who after searching a bit, I found out is from my endz!

He makes some lovely remixes, aswell as some duttyness (check his myspace for 'Fat Slags'}

His album is out NOW...and is flipping FREE! Cop that HERE

You can find more from him over at his Myspace, Facebook or Youtube

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Where's My Monkey?

Some crazy Bristolian producer called Parker has gone and turned the irritatingly overplayed 'Where's My Money?' into some rather jolly comedy Dubstep, or as some are calling it (including Parker himself) 'Dorkstep'.

You can also download the tune for FREE here...Parker really is a nice dude huh?

What Did He Say?!

Skream has been generous enough to give away a free track!

Grab “What Did He Say?” in 320k mp3 format HERE or HERE

Sunday, 15 November 2009

New mix from Fidelity

New mix on Soundcloud from Fidelity! HUGE selection as always

Hytal – We Should Light a Fire (Wild Angels)
Auto Pilot (HxDb rmx) – She Says (Dub)

Scuba – Klink (Hot Flush)

Twisted – Changes (Red Volume)
UNknown Artist - Trelawny Dub (Dub)
Untold – Disipline (Wild Angels)
Joker – Purple City (Kapsize)

Noah D – Seerious (Subway)

Quantum Soul – Star Chaser (Dub)

Turbulence 303 – Know Yourself (Forthcoming Break the Trend)
Silkie – Sly (Deep Medi)

Fidelity – Rehab is For Quitters (Dub)

Basement Jaxx (Engine Earz Rmx) – Scars (Forthcoming XL)

Fused Forces – Fruits of Labour (Pesky Plates)
Dubwise vs. Joint Forces – As I Rise (Stupid Fly)
Pacheko & Redemption – Titan (Dub)

Listen and Download here:

More remix business!

This one's a biggie from Joker, smashing it at the moment without a doubt!

Give me one more chance?

Easy gutter crowd!

Not thrown anything on here for a while myself so thought I'd point ya'll in the direction of a tasty little number which has been at the front of my record bag for a while now.

This one's a Bloc Party remix by Squidface and the badness that is Wachs Lyrical..

Friday, 13 November 2009

Adam F & Redman Reunite.

After the banger that was 'Smash Sumthin' Adam F & Redman return, this time alongside Horx...for what is essentially Smash Sumthin 2.0.

Having united with Redman in Amsterdam to record the vocals the tone was set and with Redman fully on-board to record an album and take it on the road as a live act, it couldn’t be a more exciting prospect for next summer. In fact it was Redman (currently touring with Method Man for their latest Blackout 2 album) who said that in 2010 he wants to “get away from the big U.S arenas and get into some dark festival tents with lasers!”

Check some behind the scenes footage of the recording process here


here's a lovely wobbly remix from Caspa.

Monday, 19 October 2009

So Solid Comeback

I was expecting something VERY cheesey, but compared to alot of the stuff in the chart right now (no shots) isn't so bad.

The beat reminds me of something, can't put a finger on it right now though.

I wonder if the rest of the crew are gonna come back too?

Wednesday, 14 October 2009


These dudes are flipping amazing, I really wanna see them live.
Here goes a video of them performing with Nathan 'Flutebox' Lee, another amazing talent who i highly recommend seeing on a stage, he absolutely smacks it!

Sick huh? How about another, this time with some Mc's.
Oh, you want names? Orifice Vulgatron and Metropolis...


For more on Engine-Earz, check out their website & Facebook page.

Sunday, 4 October 2009


If you've been following dubstep for the past year or so you'll have probably come across the brilliant track 'Together' by Breakage. Even if you, like myself have been hypnotized by David Rodigan's vocal and the sub bass floating around the track, you (or at least I) would have probably never had it down as a track which an MC would jump on, but Footsie and D Double E have completely proved me wrong with this track 'Hard'.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Ross Kemp

This website is effing genius, how the fuck people think up ideas like this is beyond me!

I give you....Kemp Folds

Click here for more

Harry Brown

Take a peek at what could be the best British film to get a release this year...

Michael Cane looks fucking badman right? Also, did you spot everyone's favourite potty-mouth Plan B, with a pwoper cockney accent?

Here's a track from the official soundtrack to the movie, which sees Plan B team up with Chase & Status a second time around for a nice D&B ballad.

I'm really feeling Mr Drew's vocals, like...ALOT.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Some mad level of filth

Ok so I just got sent a link to this.

This is mad!
Really loving Borgore at the moment.

Play this loud or not at all!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Zero 7 get the Joker treatment

Joker's album is imminent and in the build up he's remixing away back in Bristol, after two very good remix's of Little Boots and The Heavy, Zero 7 have now been given the treatment by Joker and Ginz and the results are nothing short of outstanding.

Ps. Only radio rips are going round the internet at the minute but if you've been anywhere near this track being dropped in a club you'll know that the place absolutely kicks off as soon as that drop comes...

Sunday, 6 September 2009

I'm Hunting Wabbits

This tune still get's me! Banger!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Over Me

I've never been a too fond of JME, I did however once grow fond of calling him Lizardman (Long story that none of you should care to know about), but i really quite like this tune

A tad commercial, but with the griminess kept in the mix. Delectable.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

She Likes To

This video took what seemed like forever to drop, but was it worth the wait?

Out to Griminal fucking ripping the track to pieces.
Also be sure to check out Loukia's 'review'


Monday, 10 August 2009

Your Wish Is My Command

I don't really know what to say about this video...It's like I'm watching a video recording of MTV from the 70's.

Bashy's own synopsis makes it sound even weirder than i first thought

“Im going to take you back, way back, back into timeaway from Record Companies just churning out any old music, away from artists not having anything to say to a time where music was music! Its 1981. MTV is in its infancy and disco pumps through the music venues of the world. Bashy and H Boogie are releasing a ground-breaking music video that uses the latest video techniques of luma and chroma keying to create a video of cosmic proportions. Using his all-powerful crystal ball, Bashy; a disco shaman, calls H Boogie from across the galaxys to grant him the power he so desires. Recognising the dangerous allure of this pharo of funk, H Boogie tries to resist his charms but soon finds her-self hurtling through the stars on a collision course with earth. This inter-galactic lust story will be filmed on original tube cameras and utilize cutting edge late 70s video techniques such as trails and kaleidoscopic effects to capture the power game between these two intergalactic stars.”

WHATEVER BISH BASH, please come back from that weird galaxy that you and Estelle's sister have found yourselves on soon.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Uber DJ's - Feel Real Good

The Uber DJ's are making noises big and bad enough to destroy any dancefloor across the UK! 
Birmingham based DJs / Producers UBER DJS....a.k.a DJs Dean-E & Eyrezy have been working together now for the past 5 years on both the DJ circuit and more recently together in the studio producing their own blend of Jackin Electro & Fidget House, gaining support from some of the genres top DJs & Producers alike. Signed to labels Groovedigital, RuNT, More Music, Digital Box & Sick Recordings as well with further releases forthcoming soon on U.S label Phresh Digital.

UBER DJS love to terrorise dancefloors all over...with their Wonky Jackin DJ sets & productions!!

They've just knocked together a Jackin Electro / fidget remix of a 1992 Old Skool Classic 'Feel Real Good' and are giving out for free!!!


Only recently discoverd Faib, Thanks to a friend on DSF.
Marina Faib, Is 19 and from Russia.
She's gunna be big!
(I'm probably really late on this, I usually am!)

Also check out her Myspace, more of her music on there.
Show a little love to the girl


Eve and... Benga?

Not sure how this came about but here is Eve and Benga together, enjoy


August is usually a time for trips to the seaside, long days and overall sunny weather, yet the good people at Rinse are releasing the 9th installment of their mix series. Compiled and mixed by RinseFM DJ N-Type, containing some of the darkest dubstep around. Prepare to close those curtains and turn up that bass...

01. Kryptic Minds - Badman
02. Silkie & Kutz - Carpark
03. Headhunter - Experience
04. Kromestar & Jay 5ive - Bass 96
05. LD - King of Kong
06. Unknown - Cali Weed
07. The Others - Karma
08. Benga - Descending
09. Mungo's HiFi - International feat. Earl 16 (LD Remix)
10. Distance - Twilight
11. Benga - Dramatic
12. Kalbata - Ninja We Ninja
13. Seven & Youngsta - Who's There?
14. Emalkay - Solid State
15. Benga - iTunes
16. The Others - Dot 2 Dot
17. Skream - Filth (Silkie Remix)
18. Jakes - Rhythm
19. Benga - Intensions
20. Benga - Falling
21. John & Jehn - Looking For You (LD Dubstep Remix)
22. Kutz - Freak
23. Benga - The Sound Of Asia
24. N-Type & The Others - Shadow
25. Jakes & Joker - Freaklane VIP
26. Flux Pavillion & Trolley Snatcher - Fucking Noise
27. Skream - Guitar Hero
28. Benga - No Bra, No Panties
29. Coki - New Blood
30. Benga - The Camel (Ride 2)
31. Emalkay - When I Look At You
32. N-Type & The Others - Technophobia
33. Trolley Snatcher - The Future
34. Skream - A Jungle Tribute
35. Benny Page - Take You Back (Tease)

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Today Was A Good Day

Nike SB - Today Was a Good Day - P. Rod And Ice Cube

Monday, 27 July 2009


Absolute banger of a tune, i wish Ms Dynamite would come back with an album full of pure fire spitting hot from di kitchen, i doubt that'll go down though. We'll see eh?

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

It's Thee Paaaarty Staaaarta' !

Dayn' (Sweden) i hear is only 16 years of age, this guy is going to be big in the game!

Head on over to his Myspace for some more terrifying dubstep beats:

Dayn' has also kindly given out a free EP consisting of 4 Tracks
all @ 320KBPS!

you can download them from HERE

They Found Him A Gun

This dude right here deserves ALL the praise he gets, a big big talent, and such a humble guy too!

If you ever get a chance to see Maverick Sabre live, like i did on Saturday @ United Underground, lap that shit up yo, man can put on a show!

FYI: that cheering you hear at the end....STANDING OVATION MOTHERFUCKER!

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Get Well Soon MCA

Adam 'MCA' Yauch, one of the founding members of The Beastie Boys posted this video on youtube yesturday...

Here's hoping it all turns out ok.

Saturday, 18 July 2009


Both beautiful!

Buy 16bit's 'Twice EP' here

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

morder dem morder dem

im a bit late on this but KRKN008 is too big.

Is This Fo' Real?

my fave line was 'nandos nandos nandos chicken'

Tuesday, 14 July 2009


Not sure about the video or the autotuned vocals but that funky meloday behind the vocal is hypnotic, the drop isn't half bad either.


Not a clue what genre you'd choose to define Chase & Status's latest remix as, 'Rockstep' was the best I could come up with.
The vocal and drop are both brilliant and work well together. Even as their old tunes are getting overplayed, they're still keeping up the work-rate and not just sitting back and getting the cash.

PS. I recommend Caspa's recent Essential mix for you dubstep heads - Available for download HERE

Too Many Weave

This is flipping genius!
Jason Lewis is the jokest dude pon road i swear. The 'JME' bit is so joke, about HORSE, literal giggling a gwan!
Small feeling a couple peoples i know are gonna catch Rupert BARE joke at this (Loukia i seeeee you)

We need some real hair in here, we need some real hair in here.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

The Rain

To all you Grime mc's out there that spend their lives wishing they could be Wiley, here is step one...

Be it video shoots, gigs, roast dinner at your Mums, the birth of your first child....

Don't show up for anything, ever!

Friday, 10 July 2009

We'll Listen To A Slow, Slow Song

Proof that Giggs doesn't just come with that bullshit talk, I'm really feeling this.

Ps. what the FUCK is with Mike Skinners clothing choices?

Stoked On: Clueless

Meet Clueless, a dude that not only makes some blinding dubstep remixes that bang like Essex girls in the back seat of a Vauxhall Nova, but is also kind enough to hand over a full cd's worth of them when you ask for just a couple!

Could you imagine a gang of sweaty dubheads doing Souljah Boy's 'Crack That' dance at a rave?
Thanks to Mr. C, you no longer need to live with just the image in your head

souljah boy - crank dat souljah boy (clueless remix)

Did someone say MORE DUBS?

lykke li - dance dance dance (clueless remix)

This tune here has been mentioned twice in two blogs, well deserved, It's Gutter record right thurr!

bright eyes - no-one would riot for less (clueless remix)

If you wanna hear some original productions from Clueless, head on over to his Myspace, he has some proper nice stuff up on there, mek sure you drop him a line with some feedback, I'm sure he'll appreciate!

Last of all, For anyone interested in releases, he has some stuff forthcoming on Night Audio & L2S Recordings, well worth dropping a couple a quid when the time comes!

My First Post

Ello All.
B Nanni here, i'm the one who will be filling your lives with youtube videos i find.
All music covered.

Well i've always been a bit of a youtube bummer and since i got sacked from my main job it's pretty much all i do with my day, wake up, check the facebook and look on youtube for hours on end.

This evening i stumbled upon something that actually made me speechless?
A remix of Bright Eyes, dubstep stylee. Now when i saw this i wasn't sure how this was gunna come out.
But i've been playing this for a good hour non stop.

This is my favourite remix, but listen to them all.
Tell me what you think.

B Nanni

Sunday, 5 July 2009


This guy is seriously big in the dubstep game & people need to know it! His productions are massive and im suprised he's not had any proper releases yet. 'Township Funk Remix VIP' is one of my favourites, which you can have a listen to rrrright here...

Anyway after checking out his myspace I discovered he'd got a free EP up, can't complain at all!

Check his myspace here

Check the free EP here:

EDIT: also I highly recommend his 'beans & rice'
not the food though it's shit

Monday, 29 June 2009

Upper Clapton Dance

It's been a long time, but this BANGER finally has a video...

Flipping crazy nang visuals, Pro proper came through with this one, sporting fresh scars and all a dat!
Still, I'm puzzled as to why Chynaman doesn't show his face in the video?

Monday, 22 June 2009

its nice...

to hear kanye without auto tune..

4x4 Hell!

Wicked tune selection and mix from Grievous Angel, if you like a bit of 4x4!

...and if you don't, you should do after this!

0:00 narrows - dreams 2003
4:12 harry lime - grouch 2001
6:22 narrows - dreams (morph remix) 2001
8.05 harry Lime - Terror Bass
11.03 sirus - junglist??
14:01 sirus - dj never seen 2002
15.20 harry lime - just a beat 2001
18.03 harry lime - go back 2002
21:15 notorious - acid attack
25:32 sirus - red and black 2001
28:46 more 2 da floor - skunk
29:20 harry lime - rubber bass
32:28 sirus - whiplash 2001
33:14 sirus - whiplash 2001 (reload)
37:21 dj faz - destiny 2001
39:32 osmosis - exodus
44:51 dj faz - believe 2001
48:16 notorious - acid attack
51:21 harry lime - terror bass mix 2
53:29 notorious - spin back
58:49 ends

Download Link:


Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Bum & Face Mix CD.

Just a likkle mix i threw together of Drum & Bass tunes that i like.
If this doesn't make your face melt, i dunno what will.
Lemme know whatcha think guys?

01. TC feat Mc Jakes - Drink (Xample Remix)
02. TC - Where's My Money (Clipz Remix)
03. Clipz - Push It Up (TC Remix)
04. Sub Focus - Timewarp
05. High Contrast - Days Go By
06. Ebony Dubsters - Ra! (G Dub Remix)
07. Chase & Status - Smash Tv
08. Shy Fx - Bambaata (Break Remix)
09. Pendulum - Showdown (Clipz Remix)
10. Clipz - Rubbish
11. Danny Byrd - Shock Out VIP
12. Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You (Unknown Remix)
13. High Contrast - Eternal Optimist
14. Brookes Brothers - Tear You Down
15. Noisia - Stigma
16. Chase & Status feat Takura - Street Life
17. TC - Borrowed Time
18. Future Prophocies feat Mc Dynamite - The Roof Is On Fire
20. Sugarush Beat Company - Love Breed (Danny Byrd Remix)
21. Rudenko - Everybody (Danny Byrd Remix)
22. Clipz - Get Down
23. TC vs Kriss Kross - Jump Jump
24. Ray Charles - Hit The Road (Fuck Knows Who Remixed This)
25. Mistabishi - Printer Jam
26. Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl (I DUNNO WHO MADE THIS REMIX)
27. Simon 'Bassline' Smith & Drumsound - Can You Feel It?
28. High Contrast - Pink Flamingos
29. Shy Fx & T Power - Feelings (Nu:Tune Remix)
30. Tali - Lyric On My Lip
31. Adele - Hometown Glory (High Contrast Remix)


Monday, 15 June 2009

Summer Shambles

First off, this is really gonna piss off some people (You alrite Loukia babez?) as it is a skank for starters, and dude mentions 'swagger'.

What reaaaaally gets me, is why does he BOAST about having some of this piss water?

....i'll let him off though 'cah the first girl showing us some 'moves' is alrite, in a 'okay-she-starred-in-a-instructional-video-pon-youtube-but-i'll-still-stick-it-in-there' type of way.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Rogue Status x Addict

I want these. I really want these. I'd sell my Mum to Mike Tyson for a pair of these.
Damn shame there is only 150 pairs in zee entire blogclart world.

The Middle

I've been hunting for this tune since i heard Rusko drop it inna dance, absolutely large.

Nero needs to write a how-to book. 'How To...take Mike Skinner tunes and better them'

When I look at you

Been around for a minute still, but wow....

Friday, 5 June 2009

Guitar Hero is for losers.

Yeah and you all know it. This is where it's at for real!

Hopefully they'll do a bonus edition with a free monkey...

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Wascal - Summer Rave Up '09

HUGE tracklist as always from Wascal, but this time not a dubstep mix, but instead a perfect blend of summery, good vibes tunes.

More info, full tracklist and download link can be found on Wascal's blog at

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

New Free Legend4ry Release on 20TWELVE Dubstep

"Our sixteenth release is inspired by change, Once in awhile we get a demo that stands apart from the norm with so much uninhibited originality that its hard to deny it's effect to a open-minded listener. Legend4ry creates a soundtrack for the vibrant city you live in. The project is entitled "City Music" and there is a reason for this.We would like you to add this to your playlist and check it out while taking a walk(What do you mean you don't walk?)and witness how the beautiful music and stimuli of your metropolis weave together with perfect synchronicity. Download it up, then tie your shoes. "

Ohhhhh this is NOT a one to be missed, get it while it's fresh, although it's never gonna get old ;)

Link to more info and download:

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Tinchy 'Rider'

I'm changing his name to Tinchy Rider, for now at least...

DaVinChe's mixtape 'Rider' is pretty good from what i've heard so far, my fave is still 'Riding For Love'.

What d'you lot think of the Tinchy Rider (see, i changed his name, i told you!) version? Lemme know in the comments


Wednesday, 27 May 2009

New "Badman Press" Website now online.

The new website for "Badman Press" is now online for your viewing pleasure!

Home of the likes of DZ, Bombaman, Bowzer, Dubsworth, Kozee, High Deaf, RedEyez and The Fix, the new website contains information on forthcoming Badman Press releases, Free promo mixes, and even free tunes for download it's definately worth stopping by and having a look around.

Not too much more I can say without giving you the link now is there, get yourself over to for some next fresh business!

NFC001: Delta Labs - Haunted EP | OUT NOW

Nightfall Collective are a new free label, created by a group of like minded, "in-it-for-the-music" dubstep producers.

"Delta Labs" of the nightfall collective has released 2 of his unique garage/2 step, neurofunk and dubstep (or "neurogarage") blends for download, so get 'em while they're hot!

The 3 tracks released on this, the first of many free releases from Nightfall Collective are:
1. Haunted
2. Site 3
3. Z-Sek

More news on forthcoming Nightfall Collective releases soon come!

EP Download links:

Sendspace -

Mediafire -


Myspace Hookups:

Nightfall Collective Myspace -

Delta Labs Myspace -

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Asher Roth

Here go my boy Luke from TropicalTV interviewing Asher Roth. They seem like they're proper good mates, i like it.

I was pretty suprised to hear Asher is a big Pharohe Monch fan, I would never have guessed. Simon said '"get the fuck up", and Asher did just that, and look where it's got him, he's a bigman in the game.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Super Super? Lamer Lamer!

This ish right here? What? This ish right HERE?
It's the flipping FUTURE

Watch out now....

Want Me A Whooty

"She's a whooty....a white girl with a booty"

White girls with bootys are alllllllll the craze right now, mostly in my mind, but i definately believe my mind is rather big. I mean, it'd have to be to fit the thoughts of all the 'whooties' up in there.

I'll take a double XL whooty, hold the fries, just gimme lots of shake.


Monday, 18 May 2009

Uber Skank

Doctor comes through and drops the skank to end all skanks, it doesn't really even have it's own name IT'S THAT FLIPPING GOOD!

Not often a 'skank' tune comes along that i actually want to turn up super loud and blow my ears/head/whole-entire-face to pieces.

Friday, 15 May 2009


I really fancy Elly, the vocalist. Is that wrong?

I'm proper stoked on this tune, and with a few big-name remixes already floating about pon di interweb from Foamo, Zinc & Wookie, how long will it be before a Dubstep don grabs hold of it and takes it for a ride?

Single is out 21st June as a Digital Download, and 22nd June in your normal shops.

NEXT HYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe it's just me being a bit of a Tempz addict.
Maybe it's me loving off his 'Pars R Us' tee.
Maybe it's just my love for shouting out random bars from this tune.

Maybe it's because this tune is the flipping best Grime tune in forever.

All that's really left to say is.


Thursday, 14 May 2009


So, Kanye takes UK artist, Kanye makes UK artist big overseas. (Before anyone says John Legend did the work with Estelle what with her being on his label, SHUTYOURFACE)

It's a formula that evidently works, but this time round, i can't be so sure.

'Ye reckons Mr Hudson will be bigger than him, is that believeable?
He also said that this tune 'Supernova' is going to be a, and i quote 'Summer anthem'.
Now it could be just me, I'm not getting even the slightest Summer vibe from the tune, granted it is a good track, but Kanye needs to stop hyping things.

Click here to hear the song for yourself.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Say Hello To: Maverick Sabre

Say hello to Maverick Sabre.

Born in Stoke Newington in the Hackney Borough of London but moved to Southern Ireland at a young age, this 18 year old musician has been writing & playing music from an early age and has been performing it since the age of 15.

Musically he has been influenced by everything from Bob Dylan & The Beatles to Tupac, and this definately shows when you hear him.

Maverick has performed in some of the most well known venues and nights around the UK, including support slots for The Game, Plan B, One Be Lo, & Lloyd Banks, aswell as acoustic sets at the Camden Roundhouse,Notting Hill Arts Club, Speakers Corner Events and many more.

Check him out in the Roundhouse tent, on the 'Strange Brew' night at this years Big Chill Festival.

Check out his Myspace HERE for more acoustic tracks

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Riding For Love

Vroom Vroom, Bish Bosh Bash is in the room...

This chick, Clea, is nice too, both vocally and visually, I need to find out if she has solo material.

The tune drops on June 9th, and the mixtape it's lifted from 'Rider' is out on 25th May.
It features Skeps, Stryder, Bashy and nuff others, so it's gotta be at least a bit good, riight? Right!

Shoulda Put A Ring On It

Her vocals are doing sooo flipping much for me right now,

Loukia, is this what it looks/sounds like when you play "Video Hoes" ?

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Swine Flu Skank

speaks for itself

Thursday, 7 May 2009

recycling is good.

lots of love, calo x

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

One for the heads...

Not brand spanking new, but never really given much hype but a great tune taking a different direction from Skream

Tuesday, 28 April 2009


lots of love, calo x

Friday, 24 April 2009


I’m not entirely sure this was the best choice for the next single, 'Robocop' needs a release already!

Hype Williams did well with the video though, it’s Hype though, did you expect less?

I still prefer the bootleg video Gingerkid and his boys over at Tropical TV put together...

I'm amazing.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Shifty Mixtape

New mixtape to promote the release of Shifty, starring Riz Ahmed (Riz MC) & Daniel Mays (From that crap tv show 'Plus One'), in Cinemas tomorrow (24th April).
Quite a few bangers on this, and not from just the one genre, there's definately something for everyone.

Here's the tracklisting:

Roots Manuva - No Strings (Big Dada)
Burial - Archangel (Hyperdub)
Fantastic Mr Fox & Rich Reason – Lo-Fi-Ve (Black Acre)
Pangaea – Memories (White)
Roy Davies Jnr feat. Peven Everett – Gabrielle (Large)
Paradox and MdCL – Dystopia (Paradox Music)
Fallacy & Fusion – Groundbreaker (Virgin)
DZ – Old Timers (Black Acre)
Shifty Soundtrack Music
Bjork – Play Dead (One Little Indian)
Toasty – Knowledge -Untold Remix (Hot Flush)
Logistics – Slow Motion (Hospital)
Breakage – Hindsight (Bassbin)
Break feat. Kyo – Last Chance (Symmetry)
Shy Fx feat T-Power – Feelings – Nu:Tone Re-Rub (Soundboy Burial)
Riz MC, Sway and Plan B - Shifty (Scandalous Unltd. Remix)

Download it HERE

Sunday, 19 April 2009

In For The Kill

So, which mix is best?

Skream's dubstep remix...

or High Contrasts dnb edit?

I myself can't choose, i'm in love with both.


The first video to feature Plan B (remember him?) in a long while, i'm sure i'm not the only one that misses his music.

All three of the guys come correct on their verses, each with a different style, but it still works, who IS that on the hook though?

The film this tune is taken from looks pretty promising too, we'll see i suppose...

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Eminem Is Back.

Okay, so i hate that he's using the same rap style he used on Akon's 'Smack That', but this is the first single from the new album after all, couldn't expect less really.

He's back to his old self though for sure, too many names to mention get rinsed in this video.

The album 'Relapse' is out on the 19th May, but i hear it may get pushed forwards a week.

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Simpsons have their own adidas house party...

The original:


Boat/Deck Shoes

It seems that the big footwear fashion this year (I say this year but thinking about it loads of people were wearing last year too) is boat shoes! ''Often made of canvas or featuring a white sole. They have soft soles/heels to avoid marring or scratching a boat deck. The first boat shoe was invented in 1935 by Paul Sperry.'' What was originally worn by your dad or grandad is now all over catwalks and the highstreet. Last summer I bought a pair of Vans Zapto Del Barcos (Vans take on the boatshoe) but they fell apart on the first wear, same thing aparently happened to everyone else that had bought a pair. Luckily I picked up a pair of supermarket brand ones in France for about 10 euros when I was on holiday and they've lasted well!
The amount of entries on hypebeast just goes to show their growing popularity, with big names like Collete, Converse and even Billionaire Boys Club getting in on the action


Leeds & Reading

So this will be my 5th leeds festival and with this line up, probably the best. Highlights for me inlucde the one and only Ian Brown, Radiohead, Placebo & The Prodigy. Hopefully the rest of the line up with continue to please, in particular the dance tent! I'm dissapointed to see that Justice and Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. probably aren't playing but there's still hope I guess. I saw them both at last years festival and they were incredible. Going mental and non-stop crowd surfing at Justice is something i'll never forget. Neither is chilling out on a grassy hill with a nice cold cider and the sun shining with my mates at Get Cape.

On a completely different note im currently listening to :

I love it when one man/woman bands use a loopstation to create a sound asif its being played by a bunch of people & it adds a whole new level to beatboxing.

''Armed only with a flute, a mandolin, a loopstation effects pedal and a microphone she's put together a showcase of several of her self-produced tracks into one compact little package.''


Monday, 30 March 2009

Inside all of us is a wild thing.

Having grown up with 'Where The Wild Things Are' I was keen to see it was going to be adapted into a film. From what i've read the storyline has somewhat strayed from the original but hopefully Spize Jonze will do a good job of showing the magic of the book, in the film.


Everybody's Talking, Nobody's Listening!

01. Intro
02. Low Blow
03. The TakeOver (feat. MC Dynamite)
04. Marmite
05. Riot Powder Intro (feat. Rod Azlan)
06. Riot Powder
07. Lon-Don City (feat. Uncle Sam)
08. The Terminator
09. Rat-A-Tat-Tat (feat. MC Dynamite)
10. Victoria's Secret (feat. D1)
11. I Beat My Robot
12. Disco Jaws

My god this album is huge, i'm not up for giving a full review but all anybody needs to know is that it's off the heeeezy! High lights for me are Victoria's Secret with some beautiful saxaphone in there & London City featuring some nice vocals from Uncle Sam. Caspa's done well in putting both chilled dubstep and some heavier stuff on the album. The only thing I'd change is the lack of vocals over Riot Power, it would have been better if he'd put Rod Azlan over the full track on not just the intro.


Saturday, 28 March 2009

A heavy bassline is my kind of silence...

This tune is, quite frankly, bonkers!

Can see this being HUGE

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Calvin Harris - I'm Not Alone (Deadmau5 Remix)

I gotta admit, i'm not really a fan of the original of this tune - even though most people love it, but i am proper feeling this remix. It's out April 6th.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Alix Perez - Im Free

New banger from Alix Perez, with Kemo on the vocals.


Man Like Me

Wow, this beat is doing it right now, so perfect for this weather.
Such a perfect ode to the days gone by, 1999, the garage hayday!

This is my favourite tune of the year so far, easily!

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Snoop Dogg Millionaire

I honestly don't know what to think of this, the exposure for dubstep surely can't do any harm but this song sounds so scrambled with the vocals double track over an already cluttered beat.

Monday, 16 March 2009

No Games

The tune that restored my faith in Dancehall finally gets a better video than the cheapo version from time ago.

Looks like they're gonna try push this record more, STOKED!


Wanna see what Kanye may look like when he's a grown folk? All you gotsta do is press play!


Sunday, 15 March 2009


Maybe not the cream of urban tunage that we usually post, but watch this, you will laugh your tits off!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

"They should know who we are..."

For all the 4x4 heads, references to just about every tune in this one

"Nobody told me the lion's roar could be done through a loudspeaker"

New niceness from Caspa, turns out the lion's roar can actually be done through a loudspeaker

Monday, 9 March 2009

I'm Not Alone

I've never been much of a Calvin Harris fan, but i can't lie and say I'm not feeling this, I don't care if it's pop.

Feeling the old school dancey vibbbeeeeeee.

Dirtee Stankin'

Dizzee Rascal & Newham Generals dropped into Westwoods show recently...

'Said my doggystyle technique's outstanding
did it in a coucil flat, on the landing
not ramping, leave 'em puffing & panting
...on a one night stand ting.
Just like Sharna, she didn't gimme no drama
after the show she was on my banana
after my seeds like a farmer
let 'em all out in her mouth, I'm a charmer'

Dizzee spits some of his best bars in a while still

'What i smoke is the highest
far from wet, it's the dryest
pure different man wanna buy this
i could make pure different man wanna try this.
Soon as i start my zoot in a rave
pure man wanna know where that guy is'

Can D Double E do any wrong? It's, It's, It's Dirteeee tee tee

'Know your position and play the roll
pay the fee or pay the toll
none of these roads are paved in gold
so you gotta work hard for the paper fold
before the day gets old
and before you get older
lose that chip on your shoulder
you don't wanna get found on the hard shoulder
some man are move bigger and bolder
and man are get wiser, older
and the time is colder
and the weather's older gonna get colder
so put on your winter jacket
it's grime, move them winter packets'

It's Footsie again...and again. He came a bit hit & miss imo.

She Rocking That Thing Like...

'Let me drop a jewel on ya, put a roc in air
Can I call you nana cos you got that rockin' chair'

Why does Fabolous looks like an idiot? I don't care if it's LV.

'Treat you like the first lady
I'll put my Barack in ya'

Why do i kinda like the Juelz verse?

I couldn't quote from Officer Rickys verse, it's shit
Why Rick Ross, just WHY?

'You know my tongue's got batteries in it
The bedroom, we lose calories in it and start families in it'

Why does Luda always come correct with guest appearences, then make boring ass albums?

Thursday, 5 March 2009


Akon's new best friend, Sway, has only gone and dropped another video, for a song that isn't even on his album. Badman.

Tune's been about for a minute still, but it's nice to have a bit of a visual experience too, riiight?

I'm still laughing at the credits at the end of the video, large up 'Bus Driver George'. Apparently 'Batman' is Ghanaian too?


Sway said so!


Monday, 2 March 2009


i leik turtles

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Fear Remix

AKS smacks it, flow sounds big, plus read the text in the video carefully for jokes!


I can not wait for this Kid Bass & Sincere project to finally drop.
This beat is a monster, and is it just me that thinks Scorcher is sounding so hungry right now?

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Printer Jam

The video for one of the most innovative Drum & Bass songs in a long while, using sounds of a printer to make something wonderful!

Mistabishi's 'Printer Jam' is here.

Also, look out for a Dubstep track from Mistabishi, utilizing window wiper sounds.

So Amazing

Luke & Patrick from Tropical TV went ahead and made their own video to Kanyes new single 'Amazing' featuring Young Jeezy.

Luke is looking pretty steeeeez, for a ginger.

Definately recommend their blog, it's jokes to the Nth degree.


Scorcher is back with a banging new tune, and a nice video to complete the one-two punch combo.
Sounds aloootttt like Wileys 'She's glowing', but who cares? This is better.


Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Eggs, Soldiers, Beans & Toast

Mistajam, 1xtras very own, has only gone and made a parody of K.I.G Familys 'Heads, Shoulders, Knees & Toes'. The tune that is mashing up dances all over.

This version is gonna be scrambling up the eggs pon breakfast tables all over di worlllldddd.

Well, probably not really.

I'm So Human.

I'm really loving this track, the video just makes it better.
Probably the most commercial Lady Sov track to date.
This could end up a BIG crossover hit.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Day N Night

It's been a bloody long time, but finally a video to the original version of Kid Cudi's Summer bangalanga.
It couldnt be further away from the Crookers remix video, totally a good thing.

Directed by SoMe from Ed Banger records, who has a blog too. Check it out here

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The Old Me's Dead & Gone

Looks to me that it's a case of.....

Blinding tune, boring video.

Welcome To Heartbreak

From Nabil Elderkin, director of two previous Kanye videos (Champion & Throw Some D's), comes this, the video to 'Welcome To Heartbreak'.

Please note though folks, this is NOT going to be the next single.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Plastician Set Invasion @ Ram

Oh my diddly, it went off biiiggggggtime.
Mr Shatup himself, Jammer, along with Boy better knows Skepta & Dizzee Rascal, with his label signings Newham Generals in tow, tore the place apart when they decided to jump on mic and invade Plasticians set.

Watch this first video when it gets to the 1:28 mark, bringing back memories for anyone other than me?

Here's the other two videos to round off the set.

The next RAM night at Matter, located at the O2 arena, is on 3rd April.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The Dream Rocks His 'Thang'

I think all i will say here is...


Soulja Boy Gets GRIMEY!

I just spied this video over at BLOGBETTERKNOW

How the hell did he go from making the most hyped dance in a damn long time to THIS...

Soulja Boy making Grime tunes? Whatever next?

Crazy Cousins featuring Twista, could work? LOL.

All crazy collabo suggestions in the comments thankyouplease ksafebye!

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Officer Ricky Episode 2...

Damn...firing shots at Jigga...dumb move Fiddy.

Caspa Goes Cockney

Annie Mac played this last Friday on her Mashup show, i for one was blown away by the wobble...

Anyone wanna make a dub tune with more need for an explicit sticker than this?


Welcome and all of that first of all.
This is just a test to see wah gwan with the colours etc of the blog...