Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Leeds & Reading

So this will be my 5th leeds festival and with this line up, probably the best. Highlights for me inlucde the one and only Ian Brown, Radiohead, Placebo & The Prodigy. Hopefully the rest of the line up with continue to please, in particular the dance tent! I'm dissapointed to see that Justice and Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. probably aren't playing but there's still hope I guess. I saw them both at last years festival and they were incredible. Going mental and non-stop crowd surfing at Justice is something i'll never forget. Neither is chilling out on a grassy hill with a nice cold cider and the sun shining with my mates at Get Cape.

On a completely different note im currently listening to :

I love it when one man/woman bands use a loopstation to create a sound asif its being played by a bunch of people & it adds a whole new level to beatboxing.

''Armed only with a flute, a mandolin, a loopstation effects pedal and a microphone she's put together a showcase of several of her self-produced tracks into one compact little package.''


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