Monday, 9 March 2009

Dirtee Stankin'

Dizzee Rascal & Newham Generals dropped into Westwoods show recently...

'Said my doggystyle technique's outstanding
did it in a coucil flat, on the landing
not ramping, leave 'em puffing & panting
...on a one night stand ting.
Just like Sharna, she didn't gimme no drama
after the show she was on my banana
after my seeds like a farmer
let 'em all out in her mouth, I'm a charmer'

Dizzee spits some of his best bars in a while still

'What i smoke is the highest
far from wet, it's the dryest
pure different man wanna buy this
i could make pure different man wanna try this.
Soon as i start my zoot in a rave
pure man wanna know where that guy is'

Can D Double E do any wrong? It's, It's, It's Dirteeee tee tee

'Know your position and play the roll
pay the fee or pay the toll
none of these roads are paved in gold
so you gotta work hard for the paper fold
before the day gets old
and before you get older
lose that chip on your shoulder
you don't wanna get found on the hard shoulder
some man are move bigger and bolder
and man are get wiser, older
and the time is colder
and the weather's older gonna get colder
so put on your winter jacket
it's grime, move them winter packets'

It's Footsie again...and again. He came a bit hit & miss imo.

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