Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Byron - Beautiful

Nice chilled conceptual music for the night time from Slough's Byron

I first stumbled onto this guys music at the second of Ctrl Alt Shift & Riz Mc's 'United Underground' all-dayers @ The Southbank Centre in London, after he came up to me and a couple of mates and said these words...

There's two kinds of people in life; the ones that listen to music, and the ones that feel the music. You guys are feeling it!

He then went on to explain how he had been selling his 'Jack Of None' CD prior to our meeting, but because we felt the music so much he gave us all a gratis copy. Now if that isn't humble I dunno what is?!

I get home and play the CD and kinda wish I paid the guy for it, definitely one of the better free cd's I've got my hands on.

You can get your hands on this track for free from his Soundcloud by just pointing that little arrow thing of yours HERE and clicking.

Jimmy Jitsu - Flawed By Design

This kid never fails to impress me, like a huge rack of ribs boobs. Jimmy's second mixtape 'Growing Pains' drops later this month (or so I'm told?), look out for a possible early review on this very rassclart paaage!

Random Impulse - Overload

It's about time this mofo blew up.

He's one of the sickest music acts in Britain (I don't care what ANYONE says!) be it when he's tearing up a grime beat, crafting great concepts (see 'Masks', 'The Heroine' & 'I Need You') or plucking away at the strings of a guitar, doing refixes of some of the biggest tunes this and that side of the ocean. This guy just knows how to entertain a dudes earlobes.

This is taken from The Overload EP, which is on sale on Feb 28th.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Maxsta - Average Kid

This is aiiight.

You Me At Six & Chiddy - Rescue Me

Not a bad tune, catchier than STD's. Released on 13th February 2011.

Check the boys out on Facebook for more info and all that shart.