Tuesday, 24 November 2009

He's Got Talent: Sketch

Decided I'm going to start a new feature on this here blog. I'll be posting up tunes and ting from people i think have a bit of t-a-l-e-n-t.

First up is a guy called Sketch, who after searching a bit, I found out is from my endz!

He makes some lovely remixes, aswell as some duttyness (check his myspace for 'Fat Slags'}

His album is out NOW...and is flipping FREE! Cop that HERE

You can find more from him over at his Myspace, Facebook or Youtube

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Where's My Monkey?

Some crazy Bristolian producer called Parker has gone and turned the irritatingly overplayed 'Where's My Money?' into some rather jolly comedy Dubstep, or as some are calling it (including Parker himself) 'Dorkstep'.

You can also download the tune for FREE here...Parker really is a nice dude huh?

What Did He Say?!

Skream has been generous enough to give away a free track!

Grab “What Did He Say?” in 320k mp3 format HERE or HERE

Sunday, 15 November 2009

New mix from Fidelity

New mix on Soundcloud from Fidelity! HUGE selection as always

Hytal – We Should Light a Fire (Wild Angels)
Auto Pilot (HxDb rmx) – She Says (Dub)

Scuba – Klink (Hot Flush)

Twisted – Changes (Red Volume)
UNknown Artist - Trelawny Dub (Dub)
Untold – Disipline (Wild Angels)
Joker – Purple City (Kapsize)

Noah D – Seerious (Subway)

Quantum Soul – Star Chaser (Dub)

Turbulence 303 – Know Yourself (Forthcoming Break the Trend)
Silkie – Sly (Deep Medi)

Fidelity – Rehab is For Quitters (Dub)

Basement Jaxx (Engine Earz Rmx) – Scars (Forthcoming XL)

Fused Forces – Fruits of Labour (Pesky Plates)
Dubwise vs. Joint Forces – As I Rise (Stupid Fly)
Pacheko & Redemption – Titan (Dub)

Listen and Download here:

More remix business!

This one's a biggie from Joker, smashing it at the moment without a doubt!

Give me one more chance?

Easy gutter crowd!

Not thrown anything on here for a while myself so thought I'd point ya'll in the direction of a tasty little number which has been at the front of my record bag for a while now.

This one's a Bloc Party remix by Squidface and the badness that is Wachs Lyrical..

Friday, 13 November 2009

Adam F & Redman Reunite.

After the banger that was 'Smash Sumthin' Adam F & Redman return, this time alongside Horx...for what is essentially Smash Sumthin 2.0.

Having united with Redman in Amsterdam to record the vocals the tone was set and with Redman fully on-board to record an album and take it on the road as a live act, it couldn’t be a more exciting prospect for next summer. In fact it was Redman (currently touring with Method Man for their latest Blackout 2 album) who said that in 2010 he wants to “get away from the big U.S arenas and get into some dark festival tents with lasers!”

Check some behind the scenes footage of the recording process here


here's a lovely wobbly remix from Caspa.