Thursday, 20 August 2009

Over Me

I've never been a too fond of JME, I did however once grow fond of calling him Lizardman (Long story that none of you should care to know about), but i really quite like this tune

A tad commercial, but with the griminess kept in the mix. Delectable.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

She Likes To

This video took what seemed like forever to drop, but was it worth the wait?

Out to Griminal fucking ripping the track to pieces.
Also be sure to check out Loukia's 'review'


Monday, 10 August 2009

Your Wish Is My Command

I don't really know what to say about this video...It's like I'm watching a video recording of MTV from the 70's.

Bashy's own synopsis makes it sound even weirder than i first thought

“Im going to take you back, way back, back into timeaway from Record Companies just churning out any old music, away from artists not having anything to say to a time where music was music! Its 1981. MTV is in its infancy and disco pumps through the music venues of the world. Bashy and H Boogie are releasing a ground-breaking music video that uses the latest video techniques of luma and chroma keying to create a video of cosmic proportions. Using his all-powerful crystal ball, Bashy; a disco shaman, calls H Boogie from across the galaxys to grant him the power he so desires. Recognising the dangerous allure of this pharo of funk, H Boogie tries to resist his charms but soon finds her-self hurtling through the stars on a collision course with earth. This inter-galactic lust story will be filmed on original tube cameras and utilize cutting edge late 70s video techniques such as trails and kaleidoscopic effects to capture the power game between these two intergalactic stars.”

WHATEVER BISH BASH, please come back from that weird galaxy that you and Estelle's sister have found yourselves on soon.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Uber DJ's - Feel Real Good

The Uber DJ's are making noises big and bad enough to destroy any dancefloor across the UK! 
Birmingham based DJs / Producers UBER DJS....a.k.a DJs Dean-E & Eyrezy have been working together now for the past 5 years on both the DJ circuit and more recently together in the studio producing their own blend of Jackin Electro & Fidget House, gaining support from some of the genres top DJs & Producers alike. Signed to labels Groovedigital, RuNT, More Music, Digital Box & Sick Recordings as well with further releases forthcoming soon on U.S label Phresh Digital.

UBER DJS love to terrorise dancefloors all over...with their Wonky Jackin DJ sets & productions!!

They've just knocked together a Jackin Electro / fidget remix of a 1992 Old Skool Classic 'Feel Real Good' and are giving out for free!!!


Only recently discoverd Faib, Thanks to a friend on DSF.
Marina Faib, Is 19 and from Russia.
She's gunna be big!
(I'm probably really late on this, I usually am!)

Also check out her Myspace, more of her music on there.
Show a little love to the girl


Eve and... Benga?

Not sure how this came about but here is Eve and Benga together, enjoy


August is usually a time for trips to the seaside, long days and overall sunny weather, yet the good people at Rinse are releasing the 9th installment of their mix series. Compiled and mixed by RinseFM DJ N-Type, containing some of the darkest dubstep around. Prepare to close those curtains and turn up that bass...

01. Kryptic Minds - Badman
02. Silkie & Kutz - Carpark
03. Headhunter - Experience
04. Kromestar & Jay 5ive - Bass 96
05. LD - King of Kong
06. Unknown - Cali Weed
07. The Others - Karma
08. Benga - Descending
09. Mungo's HiFi - International feat. Earl 16 (LD Remix)
10. Distance - Twilight
11. Benga - Dramatic
12. Kalbata - Ninja We Ninja
13. Seven & Youngsta - Who's There?
14. Emalkay - Solid State
15. Benga - iTunes
16. The Others - Dot 2 Dot
17. Skream - Filth (Silkie Remix)
18. Jakes - Rhythm
19. Benga - Intensions
20. Benga - Falling
21. John & Jehn - Looking For You (LD Dubstep Remix)
22. Kutz - Freak
23. Benga - The Sound Of Asia
24. N-Type & The Others - Shadow
25. Jakes & Joker - Freaklane VIP
26. Flux Pavillion & Trolley Snatcher - Fucking Noise
27. Skream - Guitar Hero
28. Benga - No Bra, No Panties
29. Coki - New Blood
30. Benga - The Camel (Ride 2)
31. Emalkay - When I Look At You
32. N-Type & The Others - Technophobia
33. Trolley Snatcher - The Future
34. Skream - A Jungle Tribute
35. Benny Page - Take You Back (Tease)

Saturday, 1 August 2009