Monday, 7 December 2009

Coleco December 2009 Mix

New December 2009 Mix from Coleco is now up online and available for listening and download.

Apathesis - Hindsight
Submerse - One More Day
Groove Chronicals - 1999
Myrkur - Outer Space
Submerse - Everything Around Us
Reso - Hemisphere
Brackles - LHC
Krytpic Minds and Leon Switch - Minor Nine
Darqwan - Last Of Nine
Phaeleh - Tachi (feat. Alex Taylor - Violin)
Aaron Spectre - Say More Fire
Marlow - Machine
L-Wiz - Egyptic
Elemental - Magic Harp
Macabre Unit - Bacteria (Wascal Mix)
Phaeleh - Broken
Martyn - Yet
Sharmaji - Break Your Heart
Bassbin Twins - Pigpen
SnD - Blue Mantra
L-Wiz - Must

Running Time: 1h 10mins

Stream / Download: DivShare
Download: SendSpace


New Urban Scrumping Release!

Well, the boys from the Urban Scrumping camp have done it again.

Another huge release (as to be expected), this time from Full Spektrum. You can listen to the tracks on the player below...

And you can buy the tracks from either:
Digital Tunes

Or from the Urban Scrumping website @