Monday, 9 March 2009

She Rocking That Thing Like...

'Let me drop a jewel on ya, put a roc in air
Can I call you nana cos you got that rockin' chair'

Why does Fabolous looks like an idiot? I don't care if it's LV.

'Treat you like the first lady
I'll put my Barack in ya'

Why do i kinda like the Juelz verse?

I couldn't quote from Officer Rickys verse, it's shit
Why Rick Ross, just WHY?

'You know my tongue's got batteries in it
The bedroom, we lose calories in it and start families in it'

Why does Luda always come correct with guest appearences, then make boring ass albums?


Walter Kovacs said...

That fabolous line is stupid why would u wanna call a girl nana? hahaha

im feelin juelz n luda verses the best

Neyull said...

Fab likes them milfs, or is it gilfs?

Gran i'd like to fuck? lool.