Thursday, 14 May 2009


So, Kanye takes UK artist, Kanye makes UK artist big overseas. (Before anyone says John Legend did the work with Estelle what with her being on his label, SHUTYOURFACE)

It's a formula that evidently works, but this time round, i can't be so sure.

'Ye reckons Mr Hudson will be bigger than him, is that believeable?
He also said that this tune 'Supernova' is going to be a, and i quote 'Summer anthem'.
Now it could be just me, I'm not getting even the slightest Summer vibe from the tune, granted it is a good track, but Kanye needs to stop hyping things.

Click here to hear the song for yourself.

1 comment:

ManOfSteel said...

that tunes aight
not the greatest though
kanyes definitley hyped too much on that one