Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Want Me A Whooty

"She's a whooty....a white girl with a booty"

White girls with bootys are alllllllll the craze right now, mostly in my mind, but i definately believe my mind is rather big. I mean, it'd have to be to fit the thoughts of all the 'whooties' up in there.

I'll take a double XL whooty, hold the fries, just gimme lots of shake.



Anonymous said...


hamz love whooty....a white girl with a booty

Leon said...

Why its taken someone this long to come up with a name for something so lovely i'll never know. Top marks though, whootys are definitely the way forward

Loukia said...

That's me, my sisters and my cousins in this video in case you never know.
We're overly pengerz init....

Anonymous said...


We all want whooty,it is a truly beautiful site to see.