Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Shoulda Put A Ring On It

Her vocals are doing sooo flipping much for me right now,

Loukia, is this what it looks/sounds like when you play "Video Hoes" ?


Loukia said...

Oi Gutterface.
NO that's NOT what it looks or sounds like when we play video hoes.

Firstly we sing in chooooon, even though the point of the game is more to do with the video than the vocals - it ain't karaoke!

Secondly, her choice of video is completely wrong. There needs to be a "hoe" element - you know, hot tubs, bouncing cars, titty rubbing etc.

Thirdly, no offence unintended (lol) but we don't look like that! This girl is anno and she has no rhythm and she's just a prick really.

I swear I'm gonna do a video hoes response to this shit!!

Anonymous said...

sounds like Vic Reeves in the style of a club singer.

Neyull said...

HHAHAHA @ Vic Reeves.
Shooting Stars is coming back!
I'm genuinely hyped for that ish.

Poni Deltorro said...

Oh my shite lmao.

William Adam said...

hahaha when the chorus comes in
Loukias response is too jokes

Neyull said...

She is definately taking the piss.

Is it wrong that i've sat and watched pretty much all her videos now?