Tuesday, 2 June 2009

New Free Legend4ry Release on 20TWELVE Dubstep

"Our sixteenth release is inspired by change, Once in awhile we get a demo that stands apart from the norm with so much uninhibited originality that its hard to deny it's effect to a open-minded listener. Legend4ry creates a soundtrack for the vibrant city you live in. The project is entitled "City Music" and there is a reason for this.We would like you to add this to your playlist and check it out while taking a walk(What do you mean you don't walk?)and witness how the beautiful music and stimuli of your metropolis weave together with perfect synchronicity. Download it up, then tie your shoes. "

Ohhhhh this is NOT a one to be missed, get it while it's fresh, although it's never gonna get old ;)

Link to more info and download: http://vandalism.20twelvedubstep.com/album/legend4ry-city-music-e-p-tt016

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