Friday, 10 July 2009

Stoked On: Clueless

Meet Clueless, a dude that not only makes some blinding dubstep remixes that bang like Essex girls in the back seat of a Vauxhall Nova, but is also kind enough to hand over a full cd's worth of them when you ask for just a couple!

Could you imagine a gang of sweaty dubheads doing Souljah Boy's 'Crack That' dance at a rave?
Thanks to Mr. C, you no longer need to live with just the image in your head

souljah boy - crank dat souljah boy (clueless remix)

Did someone say MORE DUBS?

lykke li - dance dance dance (clueless remix)

This tune here has been mentioned twice in two blogs, well deserved, It's Gutter record right thurr!

bright eyes - no-one would riot for less (clueless remix)

If you wanna hear some original productions from Clueless, head on over to his Myspace, he has some proper nice stuff up on there, mek sure you drop him a line with some feedback, I'm sure he'll appreciate!

Last of all, For anyone interested in releases, he has some stuff forthcoming on Night Audio & L2S Recordings, well worth dropping a couple a quid when the time comes!

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